Thursday, January 21, 2010

Days and Tuna

The last couple of days have been really nice. Yesterday I went up to where I used to work to say bye to a co-worker that is changing job locations. Then I was able to go to Deja Vu (my mom was home with the boys) and get a couple of tops. I got a certificate for my birthday that I put to good use. Thanks James!

Today I did more than I usually do with Carson. Carson worked on his Thomas the Train puzzle (didn't need much help from me), blew bubbles outside with Carson, and then took the boys for a walk up to Trever's office during lunch.

I was thinking about why these couple of days have seemed so good to me and one thing I have not been doing is laundry. ;) I have a pile to fold and a load to wash and other clothes to still put away from the last folding day. Since I have not been doing that I have been spending more time with Carson (while Gabe naps) and doing more things with a couple of friends.

I had no idea what we were going to have for dinner tonight and was looking at this post and thought I should try to come up with something from the pantry. So I thought of doing a spin on this recipe. What I wanted to do was make the tuna and stuff, canned tomatoes, and then add noodles and cheese. So I cooked some noodles for a couple of minutes, mixed up the tuna and stuff, and grated some cheese. Mixed all that up and put in a baking dish and then topped it off with some more cheese. Turned out pretty good. I am full and keep taking bites of it. Control, Simone, control!!! ;)

OK, goodnight!

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