Sunday, January 3, 2010


Thank you ladies for your feedback on my questions (more feedback is definitely welcomed!). I think I need to clarify though. My question about the kids is literally directed to you.

I am curious how others have decided how many kiddlings they have. How do you decide to have 2, or 3 and not just one more, or 4 more? Is it based on whether you have had a boy and a girl? Is it based on odd or even numbers? We have 2 (a family of 4 is perfect?) that is enough? To those parents who have 3 kids - have you noticed any odd man out? We have 1 and just want 1 more (ending in an even number)?

I know some may think this is none of my business, or a shouldn't even ask these questions, but I really am just curious how other couples decided on how large of a family they want.

Again, thank you ladies for all the wonderful advice on my questions.


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