Friday, January 29, 2010

We're FAMOUS-on the 700 Club!!!

Well, not exactly me, but close enough. :) The owners of All's Well in downtown Ashland, "a small town on the Oregon coast" Ken and Jeannie Newfield, were on the 700 Club this week! Not only did they tell their story about how they own everything (know debt!!!), but my family were "extras" on the set. Well not exactly. My sister in law, Sandra needed to make a purchase and her kids, Cole, Gemma and Kai were there so they were used in the story also. My Mom-in-law, Linda, was an "extra" also!

Pretty neat what the Lord has done in the Newfield's lives.

Aloha and happy weekend!!!

UPDATE: For links, click on the font that is a different color from most of the writing. ie. "700 Club this week."

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